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Lets get ready to MINE!

Hey guys,

Its early for 2016 to be updating the Blog, I know. The sun is shining, there’s hardly any snow, and I want to get ready to mine!  I think we’re in for an early season.

2016 prep








We pulled the trommel out of the ice and snow, and took it down to our friends at Adams Fabrication.  Rich is always ready to fix what we broke last year and implement our crazy ideas.  He built our new sluice box last year and we couldn’t be happier.



Going up to the claim tomorrow to see what needs to be done to get ready up there.  We’ll keep you posted!


New sluice box a no-go

Got the larger, deeper, longer sluice box hooked up. Wouldn’t you know it, our current pump system doesn’t put out enough water to run it. Oh well, not all experiments work, not my favorite part of mining.

Back to the old sluice, running some dirt. Get a rock jam every once a while but otherwise works ok.

You know it’s going to be a pretty good run when you see this in the concentrate bucket



Gold Fox

Are you looking to upgrade your prospecting equipment this summer? I would like to give a shout out to our good friends at Gold Fox USA.   This video shows their newest product, the Lil Monster, and boy it looks like that name is right on.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just shovel in to a rig like this rather than classifying and spoon feeding a sluice?  Great American Made product.  Check out their website at www.goldfoxusa.com   Oh and did I mention you also get a sample of our Paydirt with every purchase from Gold Fox?

Essential Items to Gold Mine in Alaska

With the below list and a bit of determination you should be able to successfully find some gold. 
1. MAP, so you know that your not claim jumping
2. Sluice box
3. Gold pan
4. Waders, at the least mud boots(Extra Tuffs)
5. Black sand magnet
6. Snifter bottle
7. Gold vial
8. Rubber gloves(elbow length are nice) to keep you hands warm in the water
9. Shovel
10. Crack pick
11. Turkey baster (this helps to suck the gold out of cracks in the bedrock)
12. Gun (or bear spray if you prefer)
13. Lots of bug spray
14. Bucket to haul material to creek