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The Fix

We had visitors while we were at home trying to fix our broken tractor.  This was found down by the river were we pump water.

You will remember in our last update we decided to go home and try to fix the tractor. Our normal welder extraordinaire is out of state, but we gave it a go anyway.  We couldn’t have been happier with the result.

broken piecefixingfinished

We felt there just may have been time to save the last day this week of mining.  We rushed right back up to the claim and got to work.  We managed to get the paydirt we had stockpiled run and got a little gold to show for it.  On the way home, we almost hit a brown bear with our truck.  The sow bolted right out in front of us and the cub right behind our bumper.  Wonder if it was the same bear that visited?

A few days ago we won an auction for a little skid steer bobcat that we are hoping may be able to take over for this poor old Kubota.  It needs work, but we won it for the unbelievable price of 5600 from a local oilfield surplus company.  We may have much less down time next season.

Going back up next week to mine some more, stay tuned.



We had a little bit of an issue with a bear at camp who was not very happy that we never left any food out for him to snack on, so he tore up a couple canopy’s and I guess he wanted to see what My 4-wheeler seat tasted like.  The least he could have done was to eat the piece he bit off of the seat, but it was not a flavor he liked so he just spit it our right next to the 4-wheeler.  We took some large cans of finely ground black pepper and sprinkled A LOT of it around the camp and on every surface.  After that we have not had any issues with bears in camp.