Lyra’s Alaskan Gold Panning Paydirt

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This is 1 pound of the “good stuff” directly from our well paying Alaska dig site.  We screen it to 1/4 inch and then I add a little extra gold to ensure that you have a nice pan when you are finished.

Follow the story of your paydirt – checkout out our Mining Blog.

Panning instructions included (via website link). We also have a panning video to show you how.

Are you going to get rich?  Probably not, but you are going to improve your panning skills and have a nice pan to show for it.  The nugget and pan shown in the gallery came from the exact same dig, you never know!

Ships via USPS Flat Rate Boxes.

NEW! For the more experienced panner you can opt to get just the paydirt in plastic bags, no gold foil bag and no instructions.

Don’t have a pan?  We sell panning kits too.

I also sell on Amazon and Ebay but this is the best deal because I don’t have to pay referral fees.  I pass the savings on to you!

Been burned by paydirt sellers before?  Don’t worry, if for any reason you are not happy you can contact us and we will make it right!


Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 4.0 × 5 in
Packaging Type

Gold Foil Bag with Panning Instructions, Just the Paydirt in Plastic Bags

17 reviews for Lyra’s Alaskan Gold Panning Paydirt

  1. Doval (verified owner)

    Was very happy with this pay dirt. Read reviews on Amazon some bad most good. Have to agree with the good ones. There was a few little twigs but if you were out digging your own dirt you would have the same. I had descent gold in every pan and even a picker. I did about 2 shot glasses in each pan and had good gold in each. My wife and I knew we weren’t going to get rich but it sure was fun to pan, Now we will run the cons through the blue bowl and see what else we find.

  2. Robert (verified owner)

    Very exciting to see the gold in the pan! I purchased 2lb of this paydirt on Amazon a few weeks ago. The kids and I had a blast panning the dirt. We panned about 1 tablespoon at a time and had at least one piece of gold in every pan, if not multiple pieces. We even got a couple of little pickers! I’m glad I found your website so that I can order directly from you, which I just did. Thank you!

  3. gumbgy (verified owner)

    Hi. I recently purchased some pay dirt and found it to be some very good stuff. I got the pink panning kit for my girlfriend and she had a lot of fun with it. I should not have a hard time finding her this next season, Just look for some bright pink on the river.

  4. motorbuggy (verified owner)

    I have been buying Constellation Mining Paydirt for several years and have never been disapointed with the ammount of gold in each bag. I have tried others and was not satisfied. I now only buy from the Constellation Mining Company. I sell these bags here at my business and use them to demonstrate the K-GRS-1 Gold Recovery System. The ammount of gold in each bag is well above what I would expect to find. Some pickers and fines and gold in between, always a lot of gold for the money. My last purchase was for 33 bags and have processed 9 bags through the K-GRS-1 Gold Recovery System and have recovered all of the gold right down to micron sized gold. Thanks again for the great Pay Dirt.
    International Treasure Hunter 408-281-1980
    243 Belden Drive
    San Jose, Ca. 95123
    Karl Chulick.

  5. medicmaniac (verified owner)

    Good bags! .7gram out of two bags! Will buy again!

  6. Kyle (verified owner)

    This product is one of the best out there! Considering the price.. You always get really good gold! I have ordered this product multiple times and will continue to do so! .2 .3 All Day Long Consistantly! Great Color In your Pans For A GREAT PRICE! TAKE A MINERS CHANCE AND ORDER TODAY!!
    – From a Genuine Panner like yourself..

  7. gumbgy (verified owner)

    I have been buying pay dirt from constellation mining company for three years now and will continue to do so. I have not found a better product in my mail box prospecting adventures over the years. I highly recommend this product for all levels of panning skills. I pan the hole bag at once, all thou if you are new to panning I recommend panning 1 to 2 teaspoons at a time and follow the panning instructions provided. Caution, you will want to by more. I order 12 plus bags at a time and have not once found a bad bag. Best return for the money. Thank you.

  8. Matthew (verified owner)

    My first time panning and using “paydirt” what a rush and seeing REAL GOLD in the pan. Now I see how folks can get “GOLD FEVER”! Went through 5 bags so far – took your advice and re-panned the material and was shocked getting about a third more! My wife and I are goin’ to tackle the last 5 bags together. Oh, and thanks for the coupon! I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the savings! Thanks to the Constellation Mining family for such a great experience and for being so good to us! I wish everyone out there were like you! Matt B.

  9. Richard (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the pay dirt from constellation mining company. Each bag contained the same amount of gold my wife and I get after 7 hours work at a pay to dig place in Vermont. I will be a regular customer.

  10. Russell Davis (verified owner)

    I’m relatively new to the whole gold panning thing, so my experience is limited, but this dirt was a lot of fun. I panned 1/4 pound at a time out of a1 lb bag and had good color in every pan. Not “get rich” color by any means, but enough to keep it interesting. I have panned dirt from 2 other companies before and this dirt easily held twice the gold than either of those. Not much black sand. Found some nice flakes, some smaller flakes and some very fine specks. Just for grins, I ran my concentrates thru a strainer and re-panned and managed to pick up about 8 more colors. I have no idea what my total weight was. ANYWAY…. I think this is good dirt and I’m looking forward to panning the other 2 pounds I got from Constellation.

  11. jsalerno1448 (verified owner)

    First time ordering pay dirt online. Talked wife into getting involved with panning for minerals as a hobby. Found really good gold out of the 1 pound bag we ordered. large and small flakes an many fines. Tweezers, snuffer bottle and luope came handy. Also found a couple of gemstones/quartz in the dirt. When going on our fishing trips on rivers an streams we pan while out. Was nice opening up a dry bag of pay dirt an being able to pan at the kitchen table. Will order more bags very soon. Thank you, for offering a great product.

  12. mmarsh97 (verified owner)

    Just recieved my order and panned out the first two bags and was very pleased with what i got better then the other two places i’ve ordered from will definetly order more thank you

  13. stthompson25 (verified owner)

    I would agree with the other customers who state that they recover, on average, between .2 and .3 gram of gold from each package. I have purchased 8 of the 1 lb bags in the last two months and have yet to find a bag that didn’t exceed the advertised weight – most by around 4 ounces. My most recent order of 4 lbs was just a shade over 5 lbs total! I appreciate the opportunity to improve my panning skills while getting a fair deal and the coupon for reorders is a welcome gift. I also like doing business with what appears to be a family-run enterprise! I will continue to purchase this product in the future.

  14. Carol Casey-Matthias (verified owner)

    We bought 4 pks of Lyra’s Alaskan Gold Panning Paydirt, panned through 2 today and found them to be fun an well worth the cost. I was surprised as to how much gold was in the 1 lb bags, actually and we’re looking forward to panning the others soon. Will likely try other bags soon!
    Thank you CMC for being fair, offering good paydirt and fast ship!

  15. Darren sander (verified owner)

    Hello all my name in Darren i had bought a bag on Wish i was happy in the bag i had got the site so i deal with constellation Mining co. them self i had bought a number of bags i was very happy with every bag i had order a pan and other stuff from them A plus company i just try’d to see a few other company’s which was not a good out come with the other company’s for now on i will buy Lyra’s DIRT for now on i give them AA plus THANK YOU Lyra’s paydirt

  16. k9borris (verified owner)

    This dirt was fun had a perfect amount of gold and I was very satisfied! I ended up buying more bags. I found my new summer panning material. Thank You

  17. Russell Byard (verified owner)

    Went thru 5 Bags.. Found right at a Gram total.. Every Bag had gold.. .. .. Thanks

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