New sluice box a no-go

Got the larger, deeper, longer sluice box hooked up. Wouldn’t you know it, our current pump system doesn’t put out enough water to run it. Oh well, not all experiments work, not my favorite part of mining.

Back to the old sluice, running some dirt. Get a rock jam every once a while but otherwise works ok.

You know it’s going to be a pretty good run when you see this in the concentrate bucket



2 thoughts on “New sluice box a no-go

  1. bernice w ,axwell

    I am afraid that I am going to have the same problem with my high banker. I do not think my pump will lift the water far enough but I have to try it first then I will be without an adequate pump.

    1. TJWinter Post author

      That’s the unfortunate part, sometimes you have to try something to find out if it will work.

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