What is it, that dwells at the Quartz Creek Mine?

Lyra, tree, gold, mine, forrest

The gold mine is a magical place, it is full of wonder and amazement its a place that just draws people in. Is it the mystery and beauty of quartz creek that brings people here? We get a lot of visitors through out the summer months, even during thanksgiving weekend we had some visitors drive up. Usually not anyone we know, but normally very friendly.  So all visitors heed the following warning.  There are some elusive creatures that dwell in the the shadows of the trees up there at our quartz creek mine. Mischievous little creatures. You may find your full soda that you just set down is now half empty, or that shovel that you put next to the rock is now leaning against the tree. So keep a sharp eye out you may even catch a glimpse of one of the mystical beings, in fact I got a picture of one with my camera, it was peeking out from behind a tree and I am posting for all the world to see as proof that there is a reason that your coffee cup is not where you left it.(or maybe you just forgot where you put it.)

4 thoughts on “What is it, that dwells at the Quartz Creek Mine?

  1. antonio sandoval

    It is the reason I wrote “Talking Ice,” the legend and mystery of the Quartz Creek claims and of course the charm of the little mysterious being that inhabits all our hearts; Lyra Winter. It was easy to imagine an adventure on the mine, an Action/Adventure starring Lyra Winter, my grandaughter, and her own part of the new legend of the Quartz Creek and the “Chinese Mine.”

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