Layers, Its All About the Layers

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This is a photo from the first hole we started digging in at the gold mine. You can see the different layers in the gravel very well. The almost black layer seems to have a large quantity of gold in it. Other locations that has deposits of gold are found are in the clay layer and in the fractured slate(bedrock). This hole was dug completely by hand, we used a Keene High banker to process the dirt from this hole and we pulled 3/4 of an ounce out of here.

4 thoughts on “Layers, Its All About the Layers

  1. diggingdeep

    Love the photos of the layers. I will be at the Chicken Gold Camp RV Park for a month next summer. What can you tell me about Myers Fork and Chicken Creek. I only have the info from their website.

  2. Robert Winter

    Chicken changes a lot, they seem to always be turning up the ground there, good gold everywhere. My recommendation is to talk with the claim monitors who check passes, also the workers there at the camp they are usually very friendly a can put you on some gold right away. In chicken the gold seems to sit on a layer of clay, you find the clay, you find the gold. Have fun it is a fun place

    1. diggingdeep

      Thanks Robert. I will take your advice. I’ve been a gold prospector since 1978 and I always listen to the locals. It’s nice to have your opinion and know that the staff can be helpful and trusted. You never know. It’s a long drive from San Diego, but I used live in Fairbanks and have made the drive when it was 1500 miles of gravel. Can’t wait to make it again.

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