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Public Diamond Mine……For Real?

Crater, Diamond, National Park. mining. Panning

 Well this post is not about gold mining it is about Mining Diamonds, obviously.  I had a business trip down to the states and I had a few days between meetings, so I hopped online to see of there was any recreational mining sites near by.  To my surprise I came across a public Diamond mine in Arkansas.  The mine was call the ” Crater of Diamonds National Park. ”  It was a very nice establishment. They provided me with everything I needed to begin my quest to find diamonds, for a fee of course.  After I got my equipment I went out the back doors to the mine to find it was a just a plowed up field.  I spent all day, from when they opened to when I realized that I had gotten a very bad sunburn(Unfortunately late in the afternoon).  So, I got Sunburned and skunked.   I was just really excited to do some diamond mining.  It was a ton of fun and recommend you check it out if your ever in the Arkansas, if all you have is the internet here is the link to their website – http://www.craterofdiamondsstatepark.com/