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Well the wife got this new gold pan on her birthday and we are itching to try it out, looks like it will be an effective concentrate recovery tool. It is called a turbo pan… We’ll see about that. We will try to set some time aside next month to test it’s turbo ability, I will write a review post once we try it out. In the mean time you can check it out at www.turbopan.com

How do you Gold Pan without getting in trouble

The state of Alaska has set aside locations for people to “recreational pan” in the creeks.  I will provide a list of the Recreational sites on the “Kenai Peninsula.”  Tomorrow I will start giving a description of each site and when we are done I will move on to the rest of Alaska.

  • Bertha Creek
  • Resurrection Creek
  • Six Mile Creek
  • Crescent Creek

Stay tuned for more information!