12 thoughts on “Signed!!!

    1. Tom Matuszak

      Would sure like some of your Concentrates / ore. here in Tn it is far & few between even a flake of Color, Tn shut off dredging last year and we are still fighting back, to get our rights back!

      1. TJWinter Post author

        Alaska has not gotten quite that bad, outlawing dredging and such. I see it coming though, there are less fish than there used to be and they are looking for someone to blame…
        Here’s hoping common sense will prevail in your state!

  1. Dominique B...

    Hey guys! this is awesome! I hope to be there with you all this summer. I sure miss y’all, the mine, and all the fun times we have there. I will be home tomorrow, see you soon. D.

  2. Ralph Baker

    Hoping to win the sample of your concentrates. We were in Arizona for Jan. and Feb. brought back several pails on material and we are going to have a sluicing and panning party soon, there will be many customers to see what you have to offer. Would be great to have a bag of concentrates in case we didn’t find any Gold in our sand. Good luck with your mining operation this summer. I have some video’s of what we were doing in Arizona, please watch and let the ads run to the end thank you for watching.

    1. TJWinter Post author

      Enjoyed your video, we use the gold buddy for our concentrates too! My mom has a claim in Wikenburg, we did some prospecting there this winter. Very different mining there!

      1. Ralph Baker

        Thanks for your comments TjWinter. Yes my wife and I like Wickenburg, spent time there in 2007. Went out to the Vulture mine, very interesting place. One of our favorite places. Keep watching I have several more videos of some spectacular scenery, there is a lot of beauty out there in the mountains.

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