Petersville Recreational Area

Bridge at Recreational Area in Petersville

Petersville Recreational Mining area is a great place to do some Panning, Sluicing and Dredging(with permit).  It is in the Foothills of Denali, a very beautiful place.  The Road to Petersville Mining area can be treacherous at times so be aware that you may have to turn around due to snow,mud and/or washouts.  I would not recommend taking a trailer up the road, it is one lane and you don’t know when you might have to back up a mile or two.  The road drops off immediately into a canyon on one sided and a rock wall on the other so no hugging the shoulders.  I have added a map of the Recreational area and a link to the States information on the site.  This is a good area and you can find fairly good gold here,  If anything it is a beautiful trip and alot of fun.