Mining in the Winter?

This post is to show all of you interested in the Pay dirt we are selling on ebay that it is not purchased from the Home Depot.  We had not figured it would be so popular and we were getting close to running out so the wife and I had to go back to the mine and chip at our mound of pay dirt.  We got six buckets and we are going back next weekend with the Dozer to break up even more so we can handle the popularity of our dirt.  Thank you all, those that purchased and those that are just browsing.  And remember it is not Home Depot dirt(sometimes i wish it was).

5 thoughts on “Mining in the Winter?

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Rob dropped off a small bag of Teresa’s pay dirt at the shop last night. My wife said it was better than going to the movie’s watching my son and I play with it for 4 hours in the garage last night. I had to share the bag with my son and my wife’s girlfriend as she became quite enamored with the swirl of the pan and the show of color. I think she is now hooked too. Good timing as my boy and I just visited AMDS for a new green pan to see if I liked it better than black. We also bought a couple snuffer bottles that worked awesome as we have been trying to pick up dust with our fingers in the past! Found about a dozen plus small flakes and fleks with one small picker nuggety thing that was pretty cool, a little gold wrapped around something heavy and black. All in all it was a blast and my son and I really practiced our panning skills uncovering the gold and then burying it again and finding it again. I think for sure now that if we are out crawling around the woods this summer and digging dirt we will be able to recover some color if it is there. Confidence builder for sure playing with the dirt Rob brought over. Gotta get some Jet dry as I got to see firsthand last night how gold can float under the right circumstance. We are going to dry out what is left and just for grins screen in down like flour size and run through it again and see if we can find smalls. Took me a half hour to find my eye glasses last night! My wife told me to buy a few bags from Teresa since we had so much fun. Cheaper than the movies without all the junk food. I would gladly pay money for that any day! That would keep us playing around for a few more weeks until spring hits. No not Home Depot dirt for sure, that’s too funny.

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