Chunky Gold

It’s been a rough week.

Broke the coupler that connects the motor shaft to the trommel. Multiple trips back and forth to town. Rained so much we started thinking about building an ark. To top it all off, had a round of the flu.

After four days, the sun came out, we got the trommel back together, and had a perfect run.

Ran into some rotten bedrock. Started breaking it up and it is full of chunky, crystalline gold.

We even found a piece with quartz still attached. I never thought to find that in an area that experienced so much glacial activity. Guess I need to go back and give those quartz rocks in the tailing pile another look.


One thought on “Chunky Gold

  1. victor taylor

    I wouldnt mind finding some of those chunks in that 30 bags you sent me. Ha-Ha. Received and am panning. Get ready for my next order I am sure this will not last very long.

    Sincerely victor

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