Can you tell me?

Double, Rainbow, Alaska, Summer, Sterling, Hwy

Alaska is an amazing place to live, work, play and raise a family it.   Every day is full of new experiences.   There is almost no way to describe the wonders every day will bring.  You could go outside on the deck and find that a mother moose has calved twins and get to see them take their first wobbly steps in this fantastic place.  You could be driving home at night and have to pull your car over to park so you can watch the northern lights dance through the sky.   When the trees have the hoarfrost on them and they look like they were pulled out of some fairytale book, you just have to stop and admire.  The photo in this post I was just driving to town to pick up some groceries and I had to pull over and take a picture, if you look close you can see the double rainbow.  Go ahead and write a comment about your favorite things that you experience where your from.

3 thoughts on “Can you tell me?

  1. Tracy

    That is an amazing photo. I’m from Seattle and my favorite days are when you can see both the Cascade Mountains and the Olympic Mountains at the same time. Those snow covered peaks in the distance rising up from the flats are impressive, comforting, and indicative of Washington state in my mind.

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