As Promised

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As Promised Here is what our new bunkhouse looks like. We brought this in the last month of mining. This is where we had thanksgiving dinner this year. It was awesome. We did have to start a fire under the hinge on the gate so we could open it and get into the mine. Other than that the bunkhouse heated up nicely and we had a wonderful rustic thanksgiving dinner. The bunkhouse has a full bathroom with over sized shower, on demand hot water heater, toilet, full kitchen, dining room, slide out lean-to, flat screen TV, DVD player(for the rainy evenings, we still work in the mine when it is pouring down rain during the day).

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    1. Robert Winter

      It was an old heavy duty boat trailer , we had to rebuild the tongue on it then constructed a building on the frame, we scavenged parts from wrecked trailers listed on Craigslist like windows, doors shower, stove refrigerator sinks, it was a lot of work.

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