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Came across a very interesting site this evening.  It is kinda fun to look through, it is people looking for work and willing to do it for 5 dollars.  There is a wide variety of things from a guy that will make you a fancy baloon animal to a guy that will put on an hour long webinar on a topic of your choice.  Anyway enough blabbering about it here is the link www.fiverr.com.

You can check it out for yourself and who knows maybe you will find a service you cant live without for 5 dollars.

A bit off topic

I recently purchased a Lenovo Ideacentre and installed it as a media center.  It is a very nicely designed PC, and small form.  It has a built in HDMI port on the back so I only have to run 3 cables, one to my TV, one to my switch and one for power.  The only complaint I have is that the receiver for the remote that comes with the machine is built in and is very sensitive as to what direction you are pointing the remote.  All-in-All it is a very streamline system that runs very well.  If I had to give it a 1-5 star rating I would give it 4 stars.

NO Flight Attendant

Well this is the first time I have ever been on a delayed Plane because they lost their flight attendant.  The told us we would be set back about an hour and a half.  Luckily we were only delayed for about half an hour.  I dont know where they managed to pull an attendant out of but I was glad to be back on the plane heading home.