Garrett AT Pro-Pointer with Z-lynk Wireless

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GARRETT PRO-POINTER® AT Z-LYNK provides all terrain versatility for locating and pinpointing metallic targets. It is environmentally protected from the elements and is fully submersible to a maximum depth of 10 feet or 3 meters.

This model with connect to the garret z-lynk system and headphones.  Imagine hearing your metal detector and your pointer on the same set of headphones!

Doesn’t include headphones or z-lynk system.

Ships direct to you from Garrett Warehouse.  May ship separately from other items you order.  Price includes shipping to the USA.  Sorry we are not allowed to sell this item internationally.

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  • Fully waterproof to 10 feet with orange color for added visibility underwater.
  • Maximum Sensitivity for improved detection of nuggets and other small targets. Choose from three Sensitivity levels.
  • Fast Retune: Quick button press instantly tunes out environment or narrows detection field for precise pinpointing of larger targets.Retuning allows user to quickly:
    • Shrink detection field to precisely pinpoint large targets
    • Tune out mineralized ground, wet beach sand, etc.
    • Help gauge target size/distance
    • Help identify edges of large target
    • Pinpoint multiple targets versus one large target signal
  • Lost Pro-Pointer Alarm: After 5 minutes with no button presses, the pinpointer emits periodic warning chirps.
  • Automatic power off after 60 minutes of warning chirps; saves batteries.
  • Simple, single-button operation for Power, Retune, Sensitivity adjustment, and Stealth Mode.
  • Ruler in Inches and Centimeters molded into side of pinpointer to judge target depth.
  • Lanyard Attachment Loop molded into side of pinpointer.
  • New power button is easy to operate even with gloves.

****New – this model connects to garret z-lynk wireless system!!!!***

  •  One-Press Syncing to Garrett Z-Lynk wireless receivers
  •  Wireless Convenience: Hear both detector and pinpointer
    alarms in your headphones, even in noisy environments (beach,
    high winds, congested urban areas, organized hunts).

Does not include z-lynk headphones or system.

Ships direct to you from Garrett Warehouse.  May ship separately from other items you order.





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